Since becoming an independant this movie has taken on a whole new meaning.


About axiom38

From the great white north. Tough as nails farmboy. Love the beauty and goodness in people. Intolerant of self-importance. Trying to improve and always willing to learn. Love hockey and chess!(Almost a dichotomy there) Love my kids and creating. Love the pursuit of truth.
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5 Responses to Braveheart…Freedom

  1. MissBridgett says:

    This scene in Braveheart could not be more perfect and timely fr the things taking place in present time. Thanks for posting it on your blog Axium38! BTW, Happy Canada Day to YOU too! I live where the Alouetes and the ‘Habs’ play when they are *home*. Being a ‘Canick’s’ fan yourself, I am sure you can figure that one out! :-)…but I am originally from the same town which is also the*home* of the basketball team, the ‘Kings’, and my citizenship is where we celebrate Independence Day…3 days from today.

    How long do you think it will take the OSAbots to know who I am? 🙂 !!!


    • MissBridgett says:

      Oh drat! typos again! That’s what I get for typing in the dark. HA! Especially regret mispelling the name of your fav. NHL team the ‘Canucks’. Je m’excuse. (oh probably mispelled that too. 🙂

  2. axiom38 says:

    Hmm ..your’re pretty bright there Miss Bridget in fact I’d say you went from being a Shark to a Canadien!

    I see a whole army here in defiance of tyranny!

  3. axiom38 says:

    As for the OSAbots you are probably pretty safe.Right now they are scouring the Hamilton phonebooks for someone with the last name “Bridgett” first name “Miss”

  4. MissBridgett says:

    Just read your comments this morning in reply to mine~ and YOU are SO funny! Esp. in your last comment about the OSAbots scouring the Phonebook for a Miss Bridgett. Thanks for ignoring my previous typos. It is daylight out…I can see what I am typing right now :-)…so if there are any *misspellings* this time, I am entirely responsible.

    You wouldn’t have any cowboy boots to go with that hat would you? 🙂

    Have a happy day.

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