New to Scientology and Dianetics ?

To anyone new my suggestion is always to read L.Ron Hubbards books and try out the technology in your life to see if it works.
Ignore all of us so-called experts and make up your own mind. That is always what Ron has said to do. Grab a friend and try Dianetics or self Analysis. Pick up the handbook and do Communication drills.
Just do it…because if nothing else the technology of Dainetics and Scientology is something you do…and then use to improve conditions in your life.
It has always been and always will be up to you to make up your own mind!
You have a mind…use it!


About axiom38

From the great white north. Tough as nails farmboy. Love the beauty and goodness in people. Intolerant of self-importance. Trying to improve and always willing to learn. Love hockey and chess!(Almost a dichotomy there) Love my kids and creating. Love the pursuit of truth.
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