An Open Letter to OSA

The following essay is the original :An Open Letter to OSA Int

For one posted by Marty rathbun and Mike Rinder on June 23:2010

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By:Virgil Samms  (Originally posted on MartyRathbuns Blog)

A brilliant Star Trek episode involved a computer that was installed on the USS Enterprise and was responsible for the protection of the Enterprise. In a mock attack by other Star Fleet Ships, the computer on the Enterprise went berserk and fired on and destroyed another Starship. The rest of the fleet pulled back. Spock and Kirk tried to stop the computer, but it fought back. Finally, Spock used logic and asked the computer what its purpose was. It replied “The survival of the USS Enterprise.” Spock asked the computer what Command was going to do. The computer told Spock that Command would probably send all of the fleet after the Enterprise and destroy it. Spock agreed and said: “If you continue to defend the Enterprise and Command sends the entire fleet, then it is you who is destroying the Enterprise and so you must destroy yourself.” The computer agreed and shut itself down thus saving the ship.

As an aside they found out that the creator of the computer recorded his own mind as the program. Spock asked him if he allowed engrams into the program and the creator said: “Oh my gawd, that’s why it was so reactive.” I’m telling the truth here.

HCO PL 13 March 1961, on his birthday, LRH wrote DEPARTMENT OF OFFICIAL AFFAIRS. In the PL he said:

“The department of Official Affairs exists as an extension of the Office of the Continental Secretary. Purpose: The bettering of the public representation, legal position and government acceptance of Scientology.”

I don’t think this purpose is being realized at this time. CNN, FOX News, BBC, SP Times, Village Voice, New York Times and on and on are on a growing list of C of S enemies. The Australian Government is trying to close down Scientology there. France wants Scientology out of France and Germany is real close to closing us down. You can’t get a job in Germany if you are a Scientologist. Church PR sucks all around the planet. Italy is now pissed at you for the “secret documents” and had to raid your offices. This is not the end of that flap.

So flunk, report to cramming.

Why is all of this bad PR happening? Because the Church is on the attack and making enemies of the press and governments. You guys are doing this in lieu of implementing LRH policy. Plus you got the wrong definition of offensive in “PR is offensive”.

Later in the same HCO PL the man that wrote your purpose said:
“Although this department may appear to have the third dynamic as its target, it does not in fact, handle anything but INDIVIDUALS.”

Triple flunk on that one. Did you handle Anderson Cooper as an individual? Not the way LRH would have liked you to. And I am not just talking about AC. I am talking about the rest of the reporters and government officials you attempt handle. It’s like Scientology no longer exists and you are using old Nazi techniques or something.

You can drone on endlessly that it is Marty and Rinder who are doing the attacking and causing the bad press situation, but the problem is actually much, much deeper than that. The problem is that the Church of Scientology is making enemies on a daily basis. It is a fact that a lot of enemies are being made by IAS regging, Super Power regging, and the heavy ethics that blows thousands of Sea Org members out and making public abhorrence of Scientology. The Church of Scientology, which is supposed to be the most benevolent, the most compassionate and understanding church in the world is working overtime making enemies.

You can brush this off all you want with “Marty and Mike are SPs and were holding the church down and the Church is better off since they left” and all of those lines, but those lines are as transparent as glass. The entire field knows that the stats are DOWN and continuing to go down. They are starting to really spot the bullshit when they go to events and see actors filling the empty seats and DMs “straight up and vertical” horse-crap being dealt. You can’t make OTs and go on with bullshit because the OTs you make
are going to spot the BS and walk.

“The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is ‘no results.” Reference KSW #1. If delivery stats were up right now and rocketing, I would be on your side helping you attack anyone and everyone who naysays, but the delivery stats are IRRIDUCIBLE MINIMUM for more than 20 years and they are still going down. Hence attacks from all quarters.

If you still believe in LRH then apply stat management and quit justifying the depleted international delivery stats while the ship is still afloat. Use your skills to defeat the Chairman. He has gone nuts and you know it. How can dozens of witnesses be all lying? Are these people all SPs? If so you are going to have most of your field declared.

It was inevitable – when you make OT VIIIs they can see and they will see all of the outpoints and leave the Church. It shows the tech works. If you don’t believe that, then why are a lot of OT VIII’s leaving? Out tech? Okay and good, then let’s look into that. But I know of at least 40 OT VIIIs that have quit. Are they all SPs? Are they all out tech? Okay then who caused the out tech? Not Marty or Rinder. Think about it.

The reason for my Star Trek story above is because OSA Int is analogous to the computer on the Enterprise. The chairman has fed you with Black Dianetics. You think you are doing the right thing, but you are destroying the “Enterprise” – the Church by forwarding the lies and the Black Dianetics.

Danny Divito said it in the movie “Other Peoples Money”. He said “Lawyers are like intercontinental Ballistic Missiles; they have theirs and we have ours. We launch them on each other and what’s left is nothing but wasteland.” Is that what you want? We are huge now. You cannot defeat us because all you have is intimidation, goldenrod and disconnect and we could give a shit about all that now.

There are more than 15,000 of us and we are growing exponentially daily. To folks in our field, Marty’s blog is better than any TV show and they avidly watch this blog on a daily basis. It is real easy for us to “recruit” right now. I recruited 6 Scientologists today who are pissed and want change. All we need to do is find them. Sending people to Mike Rinders house for an Estate Sale is not only juvenile, but it is weak. And if that’s the best you can do, then all I can say is “zowie”.

OSA – grow some nads and launch the palace coup. I know you thought of it because it is the right thing to do. Do it for the sake of mankind. You know what to do. If you are too afraid and too PTS, then raise your confront. Otherwise we will just keep “tightening the noose in a workman-like fashion.” until you see the light.

Virgil Samms (aka Tom Martiniano)

Heather G went on to add this correction:

Tom, one correction. You wrote The Australian Government is trying to close down Scientology there.

The Australian Government is trying to shut down neither the Church of Scientology nor the philosophy (if such a thing were possible). A good number of elected representatives ARE trying to ensure that the Church of Scientology is held accountable for the crimes and abuses of the past, and that they are pressed to stop committing crimes and abuses now and in future. The specific mechanism of challenging the income tax exempt status of the organisations is designed to get exposure of the crimes and abuses and to withdraw the tax exemption that supports the abuser


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