Scientology Works: except under DM’s direction!

After over 25 years as a Scientologist there is little doubt that the technology of the mind and life as written by L. Ron Hubbard is a workable technology which can have benefits when applied correctly and in the spirit of truly helping (freeing) another.

Why is the current Church in such dissarray under the leadership of  David Miscavige?

Here is what DFB posted on MR’s blog:

Are all these statements correct?

DM changed SO schedule to leave virtually no time for family or personal time, enforced long hours, sometimes days on end with little or no sleep- sleep deprivation.

DM cancelled family time and “family day” in the SO.

DM policy for no children in SO, first punish by transfer to small failing orgs, then evolving into offloading later on. New policy led routinely to coerced abortions.

DM raised prices or services to make Scientology out of reach of the average person and suppressively expensive for even above average wages.

DM changed the CLV staff pay system, making it impossible for staff to make any money to live on.

DM changed the definition of Instant Read and FN, thereby reducing the effectiveness of processing and inhibiting auditor training.

DM introduced a Pro Metering course with out-gradient dating drills that should more correctly be learned at higher levels.

DM altered the EM9,9a films to show incorrect reads

DM introduced a huge arbitrary at the begining of the bridge, called the Basics, thereby greatly increasing the runway to getting auditing and producing auditors

DM introduced an arbitrary of “hundreds of hours” of Objectives, thereby inhibiting many from traveling up the bridge and creating overrun

DM introduced a “new” Dianetics Auditor Course that doesnt work, has confusing drills and is a barrier instead of a route onto the bridge.

DM, provabably by actual anaysis of written and verbal statements has lied numerous times in events, falsely reporting stats and misleading people as to the state of scientology expansion

DM has, according to many (#?) high level SO Officers has on many occasions physically assualted and mentally abused staff.

I could go on and on. I need to put together a good list like this for my doubt. I’ll work on it more later.

If anyone has anything to add. Documentation, links or anything I can follow up myself because I want to send this around as part of a letter.

  •  wife and I too were victims of being ordered to have an abortion in the SO. It tore my wife up on a daily basis for years and years, and years.
  • I also saw the ex- SO affidav Continue reading

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